December 31, 2008

Creation AND Evolution: Catholic Church comes to grips with Galileo

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By Bob Ferrari

Galileos original self-made telescope

Galileo's original self-made telescope

For centuries, various religions have touted their views of the Universe as the one true vision. There has been the most esoteric battle of all raging throughout the centuries, the combatants are many, their ideologies are one, be it – Theologist vs. Cosmologist, Priest vs. Astronomer, Alchemist vs. Heratic, Wiccan vs. Christian, Druid vs. Muslim, and so on…

This globe-spanning battle continues today and yes people are still dying over this ideology. The ideology is a basic one with universe-spanning consequences. It all boils down to this – Science vs. Religion.

Indeed, the terrorists we as a world are fighting today, base their views on a rather backward-looking religious belief system which justifies their violent actions which includes the miserable way they treat women in their own world.

Religion certainly has it’s place in today’s society as in many cases, helps to guide people’s morals, ethics, and daily lives. For those that take the extremist views, they purposefully misinterpret their religious doctrines to justify crimes against humanity all for their own gain. I don’t need to remind our readers that bomb-vest wearing Muslim-extremists practice this absurd radicalism all in the name of their god.

Science also has it’s place as it serves to explain the mechanisms and laws that the universe today operates on. Indeed Cosmologists believe that they can prove that the universe began some 13.7 billion years ago. They believe they can explain how the universe began…almost. We can go as far back in time to the first billionth of a yactosecond when the four basic forces (strong, weak, electromagnetic, gravity) of the universe were one and the same. Before this time… before the first billionth of a yactosecond, modern science has no explanation of what occurred as the known laws of nature did NOT exist due to the incredible heat and pressure brought on by the initial expansion of the Big Bang.

This initial moment in time is now formerly known as, the Planck Era, named after Max Planck a brilliant German physicist. Science has no knowledge of this era… could god have been part of this era, performed his handiwork by initiating the Big Bang, and then stepped back to let the mechanism of the universe fulfill its destiny? If you base your belief system on Science – no, if Religion – yes. But maybe the universe itself exists due to both, a hybrid of Creationism and Evolution.

The Planck Era (before the first billionth of a yactosecond)

The Universe Life Cycle (Planck Era - the first billionth of a yactosecond after the Big Bang)

With the coming online of the new Large Hadron Collider we may soon even understand what happened during the Planck Era, but I seriously doubt we will know what caused the Big Bang to actually commence. Science does not have the answer for everything yet.

Maybe god didn’t create the universe in seven days but started the process and let it evolve. Maybe, like most ideas, the truth lay somewhere in the middle….

Even the catholic church is coming to grips with science:

Good heavens: Vatican rehabilitating Galileo

VATICAN CITY ā€”  Galileo Galilei is going from heretic to hero.

Pope Praises Galileo, Astronomy in General

VATICAN CITY ā€”  Pope Benedict XVI is marking the 400th anniversary of Galileo's use of a telescope.

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